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space girl stickers

space girl stickers


I founded space girl stickers to put my education to the test. In the Academy, I learn about entrepreneurship, design, communication, and ultimately how to make a product worth selling. I wanted to know if I could be successful in my own right, so space girl stickers was born.

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the beginnings

space girl herself was born in the summer of 2018. I was in an artistic rut, and needed an outlet for creativity and freedom. I bought a used iPad, downloaded Procreate and Adobe Draw, and got to work.

My friends and family loved space girl so much that they encouraged me to share her with the world (and the universe beyond). This started with an Instagram page, and grew into ordering my first batch of stickers. When those took off, I realized space girl was destined for big things.

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the mad dash

Soon after launching space girl stickers, a friend of mine announced that her jewelry business would be participating in a popular LA craft fair called Renegade LA. I thought, “Seems easy, I can do that too!” and sent in an application. I was blissfully naïve: I’d only had four sticker designs at the time, and had no idea of what participating in a craft fair actually involved.

When I got the (surprising) word back that I’d been accepted, I scrambled to build a giant wood display by hand, pump out new designs, and get all the stickers printed in time for the fair.


the payoff

Renegade was such a smashing success that I took on another fair the following weekend: Smorgasburg LA. Both fairs helped me to develop a strong customer base, meet some crazy interesting people, and eat a lot of great fair food.

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the end

I started space girl stickers to put my education to the test, and learned a whole lot more than I ever would’ve imagined. I stumbled my way through creating a viable product, marketing to the right consumers, making a profit, and above all, enjoying myself through the process. spacegirlstickers.com has since closed its doors, but if you want to get your hands on your own space girl stickers, please reach out and I’ll be happy to get them your way!