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Karai Crab

Karai Crab


Karai Crab is a local-style seafood boil restaurant, offering fresh seafood cooked Cajun-style with Hawaiian and Asian twists. They are expanding into a bigger space, and saw the opportunity to refresh their brand. Wall-to-Wall Studios was brought onboard to develop the restaurant’s identity through its logo, signage, interiors, and language. I created this brand system as one of four concepts presented in round one of Wall-to-Wall’s development.

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The brand system is a modern take on kumiko, intricately carved Japanese wood screens. The art form emphasizes the power of the line, taking great care in maintaining balance and structure. Basing the system off of kumiko allowed for Karai Crab to respect their ties to their Japanese heritage.

Artboard 12@2x.png

Colors & Characters

The colors used in the system are pulled directly from the restaurant’s surroundings. It seems that every seafood restaurant in the game uses red and blue, and the tropical palette of Hawaii was a unique opportunity to differentiate from competitors.

The characters are stylized versions of Karai Crab’s main menu offerings. They appear in the merch, signage, and menu as supporting roles in the restaurant story.

Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 2.01.02 PM.png
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Through environmental graphics, menus, and their website, this system offers multiple opportunities for storytelling. The flowing lines push each illustration into the next, allowing for easy and fluid enjoyment.

Screen Shot 2019-08-07 at 6.39.53 PM.png
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Done at Wall-to-Wall Studios

Creative Direction: Bernard Uy, Kristina Rau, Scott Daimaru, Alissa Masutani