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Jon Matsubara, a renowned chef in Honolulu, will be debuting his first solo restaurant, Feast, in Manoa. Offering what Jon calls “refined grinds”, Feast serves upscale versions of local classics. Jon brought Wall-to-Wall Studios onboard to design the restaurant’s identity. I created this brand system as one of three concepts presented in round one of Wall-to-Wall’s development.

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Feast is founded upon layering: of flavors, ingredients, cultures, and stories.

It mixes the old with the new, the strong with the delicate. These juxtapositions are highlighted through the stark contrast of bold typeface and intricate illustration.


A refined, ongoing culinary experiment.

The bold brackets become a frame for defining the Feast experience. Between them are the tastes, styles, and utensils of Feast. Interchangeable and constantly evolving, this rotation represents Feast’s adaptability to new ingredients, customers, and seasons.

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Feast is set to open in Fall 2019.


Done at Wall-to-Wall Studios

Creative Direction: Bernard Uy, Malia Wisch, Jane Nguyen