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Crooked Surf

Crooked Surf


Sheraton Hotels and Resorts recently acquired a resort property in Kapa‘a, Kauai and took on a complete refresh of the property. They brought Wall-to-Wall Studios onboard to develop completely new concepts for their pool bar. After extensive research and a name development phase, the team landed on The Crooked Surf. I created this brand system as one of two concepts presented in round one of Wall-to-Wall’s branding and application phase.

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The Crooked Surf is named after Makaiwa, the curved surf break just outside the resort property. According to legend, centuries ago when high-ranking Tahitians and Hawaiians were sailing back and forth between their respective islands, a chief named Mo‘ikeha ended his wandering days be settling on Kauai “to live and die” near this famous surf.


A New Era

Taking this legendary story and giving it an update, this system uses modern colors, clean shapes, and a pared down typeface to capture a simplistic surfing spirit. The resort resides at Coconut Beach, so their iconic palm trees are featured heavily in the illustrations. And as a nod to the name, the S in the logo is just slightly tilted, a small but meaningful detail that’s only noticed upon close inspection.

Cool and relaxed, the system invites people to layback, have a drink, and enjoy the beauty of Makaiwa.

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Done at Wall-to-Wall Studios

Creative Direction: Bernard Uy, Malia Wisch, Kristina Rau, Alissa Masutani